New Page Added – Types of Bike Racks

I’ve added a new page. It was going to be a post but then I got to thinking that it might be a good one to be static. The page is:
Different Types of Bike Racks, Mounts, Hoists & Carriers. The title is pretty much self explanatory, it will be updated regularly with new articles on how to make the bike racks and reviews of each type.

Check out the archives to the right to see all of the articles I’ve written so far on all different types.

I’ve been meaning to post pictures on my homemade bike hoist but I can’t find them. Once I do I’ll have a great post demonstrating how to make it. I’ll also have a demonstration of the finished rack. I would like to make a video one day, once its done you will find it here!

Until next time, Ciow!

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