Nissan Altima Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Nissan Altima Roof Mounted Bike RackI’ve had this picture of a Nissan Altima with a roof mounted bike rack for a little while. This is your basic roof mount bike rack setup. I can’t tell you the year of this Altima because I don’t exactly know but my guess would be 90’s to 2000’s. I believe the setup is Yakima Q-Towers or Low rider roof set with no wind shield and two Yakima Copper Head bike carriers. Adding a roof rack to a Nissan Altima is actually relatively inexpensive. I would actually recommend one of these over adding a hitch. If you are a casual rider I would recommend the Saris Bones 2 Bike Carrier or the Saris Bones 3 Bike Carrier. These are the best trunk mounted bike racks out there.

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