Pictures of Bike Racks

I have 7 more pictures of bike racks on cars that I cannot post at the moment because Verizon Wireless’s service is not working correctly. As you may know (from previous posts or the photo quality) I have been using a camera phone to take all of the pictures of bike racks on cars that I have. The problem is now my phone is not working properly. I believe it is my phone because it will not let me send and sort of media messages and some times errors when I send a text message. I normally upload the pictures I collect of bike racks on cars after I’ve been for a ride or while I’m riding. This has stopped working and its been about two weeks with none of this service. Worst comes to worst, I will just buy a data cable for my phone. I should probably have one of these anyway. I have some bike rack pictures on my computer but once they run out I’ll no longer be able to post any until Verizon Wireless fixes either my phone or their service.

Here is a list of bike racks on cars pictures I have stuck on my phone:
Newer Subaru Outback
Pontiac GrandAm
Jeep Liberty
PT Crusier
Honda Element
Lexus (Mid 90’s Probably some sort of LS)
Toyota forerunner or 4runner

They are a mixture of hitch mount bike racks, roof rack systems and trunk mount bike racks. You’ll have to come back once I get the pictures off of my phone to see them. In the mean time I’ll be posting the remaining ones on my computer. I’m working on a directory of bike racks where you can upload a picture of your bike rack if you have one. If you would like yours included just e-mail them to me at pictures -@- with a link to your website if you have one and a description.

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