Pop up camper bike rack

I stand corrected on my post about camper bike racks. Apparently there is a difference between a camper and the pop up type of camper that I was thinking of. I made the plans for a pop up camper, not a conventional. Take a read of that post if you are looking to make a bike rack for a pop up camper. I didn’t take into mind that some campers have air conditioning units that need to be built around. I think the trailer hitch mount bike rack would still be a better option. It could be possible that a bumper mount or spare tire mount would work too. They sell units that mount right on the top of the campers, but they look kind of cheap. They don’t look like they are that stable, I have experience with the fork mounts and they can be very sturdy. It seems like this is the only type of roof mount rack that I would choose since most of the campers don’t have a high roof line. Meaning it will be easy to get the bikes on and off. That is if you have the camper lowered before trying to take them off.

I rode my bike around today after giving it a tune up last night. Great ride, had fun. Averaged a decent speed although apparently for every one else it was too cold. I didn’t see but one other biker. What that means is that I have no new pictures of bike racks for you guys. Although I did manage to catch a couple the other day.

I went to the store and it seems that in terms of bike racks, Thule is currently on sale. They had the kingpin for about $149.99 for the two bike and the 4 bike for a little more. Of course this is the 2 1/2 inch hitch which is a bit of a pain since I will have to buy an adapter. The Saris bones bike racks are on sale too. Maybe its since Christmas is over, or it could be they are coming out with a new line. If you look on Thule and Yakima’s website all of their products were released in Jan 2007. Now is the time to either buy a bike rack and get a deal, or wait and see what they come out with.

I saw some stand alone racks, but they seem like a bit of a scam. I don’t see why anyone would pay around $30 for a stand when you can build one for a $2 2×4 and a couple of screws. I’ll show you how with my plans.

Well, my new idea for a part of this site is coming together, I hope it takes off once I finish it. It will help bikers all over and its not another tool that I’ve seen anywhere else. Anyhow, I better get rested up so that I can go for another ride tomorrow.

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