Saturn Ion Bike Rack

Saturn Ion bike Rack Here I caught a picture on a rainy day of a trunk mount bike rack on a Saturn Ion. I was in rush hour traffic and couldn’t get a close up picture, but if you enlarge it you should be able to see what a trunk mount will look like on the Ion. Its a good thing that they don’t have their bike on this rack today because the down pour and mist from the rear wheels would certainly require the bicycle to undergo a tuneup or at least a re-grease of the chain. It makes me wonder if people ever stop under bridges in the rain if they have their precious bikes loaded.

I know a few people who have Ion’s but none of them have bike racks. One thing they all have in common though is that they love their Ion.

It was taken in Charlotte NC and I’ll give props to any one who can tell me where. I’ll give you a hint: There are a ton of bikes and bike racks in this area, and its not near the airport.

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