Saturn L-Series Bike Rack

Saturn L Series Wagon Bike Rack

I snapped this picture of a car that was for sale with a Yakima Roof Rack. Its either a High Roller or the King Cobra mount. I called the number on the car to see if they would be interested in selling the rack but I could not get through. To be honest these look kind of bulky. I’m sure they are great racks but I think I would get fed up of putting it on my car and then taking it off. The Saturn was in decent shape, had pretty low miles for the year. Had I been in the market for a used car I think that I would consider purchasing this since the price was right. This is the best picture I have of it so far. The rack was in really good shape. The paint was good, I think it had the locking barrels on it also. The only down side to this rack for biking is that it had a kayak rack on the other side. Since they still sell both the High Roller and King Cobra it wouldn’t be a problem to add another bike to the other side.

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