Share The Road

Share The RoadI took this picture in Concord NC, which is near Charlotte. They have these signs around the city and if I understand correctly they are all over the state and country. It gets dangerous when riding on the road, thats what these signs are there for. They are there to remind the drivers to share the road. This is great! I mean drivers are quick to get angry because you are in the way but don’t remember that they don’t actually own it. Cyclists have as much right to the WHOLE road as any other vehicle. If they don’t give you enough room while driving through town its a simple fix. Make the sign apply to cyclists, just ride in the middle of the road. But seriously drivers, if you see the sign, it probably means that cyclists use this area a lot so don’t ignore the signs, you don’t ignore traffic lights and yield signs and this one is just as important. If you don’t think so, wait until you kill some one. Every time you see the sign there after you will pay more attention and have the burden on your shoulders. Its your call.

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