Specialized Allez Pro

Specialized Allez ProSpecialized Allez Pro

Well, here it is. Another one of my bikes. As you may know I sold my Schwinn Sprint for $100. With that, and some extra money I had laying around I got this Specialized Allez Pro. I’m not sure of the year, but think its a 1993 or 1994. Its pretty bog standard, has Shimano 105 components and down tube friction / indexed shifters. I like riding it, despite its age it rides well and pretty fast. I’ve took the profile “aero bars” off since I don’t need them. The owner I brought it from used it in a couple of triathalons when he was in the Marine Corps said it did pretty good. The only things I need are a saddle (one is old and uncomfy) and I think I might get some new handle bars as these are way too wide and have the strange “turned down” ends. After that minor adjustments and its ready to go. Its about as light as my other Trek, if not a little lighter and rides just as well maybe better its hard to tell with the old saddle. The shifters took a little getting used to, but I find myself changing gear less and concentrating more on riding.

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