Subaru Impreza Bike Rack

I love Subaru’s for many reasons. I believe that they are great cars for the great out doors. When I was looking at purchasing one the sales man told me that there are more Subaru’s with higher mileage on the road than any other vehicle. I don’t know if thats true or not but it would be cool if it was. Anyway, One of my favorite of the Subaru’s used to be the Subaru Impreza. Bike racks for these cars could be hard to find. I mean, you wouldn’t want to stick any old rack on this beautiful car would you? Luckily there are many options. I think a roof rack would be best for this car with the only draw back being damage to your car by dropping your bike on your car. A tow hitch wouldn’t work because they don’t come with tow hitch’s and the owners probably wouldn’t want to install one. A trunk mount bike rack might work if your not to concerned about your clear coat and it would depend on the model. I wouldn’t stick one on an STi with the huge wing thats for sure. So go for the roof rack, check out all of the pages on this site if your looking for deals on Subaru Impreza bike racks. Some times there are discounts on some of the items and the eBay auctions are a great place to get good deals.

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