Surf Board Bike Racks

Wow, this is a totally new niche to me. Surf board bike racks. That is crazy basically what it is is a rack that attaches to your bike that you haul a surfboard around on. That is pretty awesome. I wonder if there are any double sided surf board bike racks! I would imagine that it would be really hard to get off of your bike but it would probably balance your bike out a little. I guess these types of racks are very popular at the beach. Located in the city about 400 miles from the beach I don’t think that I would ever have seen on of these if it wasn’t for the internet. This site is mostly about how to build bike racks, and cycling in general but I think this fits the ball. Its basically the same thing, modifying something to serve another purpose and the surfboard rack defiantly does this.  This makes me wonder how many people are making these bike racks and what they are using to make them. Maybe I should post some plans for surf board bike racks too. I’d love to see a video of someone actually riding with one of these thru town. Can you imagine how long that sucker would be?

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  2. By Rico on Oct 12, 2010 | Reply

    Oh yes it is awesome ! Post some plans for surfboard bike rack if you have !!

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