Suzuki SX4 Bike Rack

A car I noticed the other day that I thought was pretty sharp looking and must get great gas mileage is the Suzuki SX4. Bike Rack choices for this car are quite easy. You can get a trunk mount, hitch mount or a roof mount. I’m not sure about internal mounts for this car but it seems if the front wheel was removed and the seats were put down that a road / mountain bike would fit in really easily. I snagged a picture of a trunk mount bike rack on this car but don’t know if you’ll be able to see the detail of this car.
Suzuki SX4 Bike RackThe car is packed full of features and I know you can’t see it real well but it also comes stock with a roof rack perfect for mounting a bike carrier on it. This car looks like a blast to drive and they have an AWD version. Its perfect for the mountain biker / skier / snow boarder / road biker / kayaker / outdoorsy type person. If I didn’t already have a crossover that I love I would consider purchasing one of these. Even tho in the picture its a cheap bike rack for the trunk (I think low end Yakima / Thule) it still looks decent. This person obviously doesn’t care too much about their car since its a brand new car and they leave this rack on with no bike when they could easily avoid paint damage simply by throwing it in their trunk. I see this car running around all the time, I’ll try to get a more detailed picture.

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