Thule Roof Rack Bikes Mounted

Thule Roof Rack - Schwinn LeTour Specialized This post for a change does not feature a vehicle, but rather a Thule Roof Rack. with two bikes on top, a Specialized and a Schwinn Le-Tour.

The way the Thule system works is you buy feet which are compatible with a number of vehicles and then with some systems you buy landing pads that are vehicle specific. The last part of the base rack is the load bars, which come in two styles Aero and square, there are also various lengths. Once a base rack is obtained it is time to fit with accessories.

I consider fairing a must-have accessory it’s great if you plan to leave your rack on for any amount of time as it cuts down on wind noise and could increase your MPG’s. When the rack is taken off, it is also great to identify which is the front rack and what way around it goes.

Lock Cores
While not a necessity locks are nice have, especially if you worry about some one walking off with your attachments. While they are not bomb proof, they certainly give an extra step for a would-be thief who would likely move onto the car without the lock cores. I’m not sure why they cost so much, however it is nice that they get keyed alike.

Bike Trays
Although there are many other accessories available, since this website is dedicated to bike racks we’ll finish with these. As of this writing there are 8 current roof carriers available from Thule, the main concepts are pretty simple. There is either a bar that grabs the front wheel, frame, or you remove the front wheel and attach with the skewer. The benefits of the frame or wheel grabber are that you don’t have to remove the wheel, but they tend to be bulky. The same goes for the front wheel removal and slimmer profile of the regular trays. You do have to either buy a wheel attachment (make sure you buy the lock cores for expensive wheels) or store them in your car, which if you live in a hot climate can cause blowouts.

Roof Rack systems for bikes can get expensive. You’re looking at a couple of hundred dollars for a base rack and at least $80 for each bike you want to carry. Thule is a great company that stands behind their products, you can often find them at a discount used, just be sure to check the fit guide and know what you are buying upfront. Although many of their attachments fit other competitors racks but be sure to double check before you purchase.

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