Toyota Camry Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Toyota Camry Trunk Mount Bike Rack This bike rack was taken at my local super market. I believe the owner works there because it seems like it is always there. Why any one would leave their bike rack on their car all the time makes no sense to me unless they go for a ride after they get off work and don’t want to be bothered with the hassel of mounting the bike rack. This one I think is a 90’s model Camry and the bike rack appears to be some sort of cheap one. Notice again how the mounting bars appear to be going upwards. This some times changes when you put bikes on it but some times it doesn’t. It is not good when your bike rack is loaded and the bars are pointing up. When this happens the bikes are more likely to swing and hit each other or damage your car. Check out the Saris Bones bike rack if you don’t want this to happen.

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