Toyota Matrix Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Toyota Matrix Trunk Mount Bike Rack Click on the image for a larger picture of the Toyota Matrix with a Trunk Mount Bike Rack on it. This picture was taken whilst leaving from a ride in Raleigh. The model of this Matrix is actually an XR which gives you some upgrades from the standard Matrix. I know this because I almost purchased one. One thing it gives you other than a nicer look is a functional rear window wiper. As you can see the rear window wiper is behind the bike rack and you can still see the license plate when no bikes are on the rack. I think that this is the Bell Bike Rack sold at Walmart. It looks decent but like other examples on this site it seems to be pointing upwards some what. If your looking at transporting bikes in your Matrix you can actually lay the seats down and fit up to three bikes inside. I know this because I have done it before. Just make sure that you put blankets between the bikes to protect them. You may also have to turn handle bars and take of saddles, but thats ok because you can store them in many of the storage compartments that you have. I have not seen a roof rack on the Toyota Matrix yet but want to see what it looks like. This is really a car where it would make more sense to get a roof box and just store your bikes in the car. This should save you some money. Check out the deals on this site if your looking for a bike rack for your Toyota Matrix. If you want even more storage for your Toyota Matrix, get a roof box, a tow hitch and a hitch mount bicycle rack. If you purchase the correct hitch type for the Matrix then you will be able to load four bikes. You can use the trunk space and the roof box to store gear and carry four people, four bikes and all of your gear. That would be one great bike trip!

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