Toyota Sequoia Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Toyota Sequoia Hitch Mount Bike Rack This is an older picture I took of a hitch mount bike rack on a Toyota Sequoia. It was had just rained this day but it was a great day for biking since the weather was a little warmer from the heat kept in by the clouds. This particular hitch mount bike rack is for made by Allen and is folded down. I got to see the owner of this one load his bike up. It took one quick snap of the handle to put the prongs in the upright position and then he lifted his bike, secured it and it was done. For an entry level bike rack this is pretty decent. These can be purchased at Dicks Sporting goods but if you really want a deal on a great hitch mount bike rack for your Toyota Sequoia I’d check out all of the pages on this site, some of them have great deals. The hitch on the Toyota Sequoia is the larger type which is 2″ so no adapter is needed.

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    Many feature a snap-on mounting system, that often works with your existing roof rack, and provide quick installation and simple removal for convenient storage when not
    in use. They provide easy access to your gear, storing it securely
    and conveniently at chest level. During the winter months, some places have severe temperatures like ice
    and snow as well as sub-zero climates, so cycling outdoors is not an option.

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