Toyota Tacoma Bike Rack

Toyota Tacoma Bike RackThis is probably the most crafty of bike racks that I have posted on this website. I believe that this is a Toyota Tacoma, but it is possible that it could be the larger Tundra. Anyway, you will probably have to click the image to see this. It is basically a truck, with two bike mounts concealed right near the windows. This is a great idea. I have seen this done on tool boxes, but it doesn’t leave much room for the bikes with a big tool box. These are done over a gorilla type lining. I almost missed this but thought:

“Wait a minute, there are bike mounts on that Tacoma.”

Then I snapped the picture. These things are for sale every where I think rack attack sells them with like a 10% discount. The best place I’ve seen them is eBay but I’d check rack attack first because sometimes its better to deal with a company rather than eBay.

These fork mounts are great tho. You can practically mount them anywhere. I think I’ve said it before but I’m going to buy some for one of my next bike rack projects.

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  2. By Anon on Feb 11, 2008 | Reply

    This is a Dodge Dakota not a Toyota Tacoma

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