One of my bikes

Trek 1000 USPS This is my road bike. I took this while waiting on a friend to go on a ride. Its nothing special really but does the job. I have two bottle holders, pedals, two lights, a cycle computer and grip tape. Everything else on the bike came with it. Its a Trek 1000, I’m not sure of the year but I’ve been told its the USPS edition. Some people say that the Trek 1000’s are not that good. While I can agree that they use cheap parts such as the Sora components, it really isn’t that bad. They seem to get bad reviews every where but I would give it a good review. All around it has been a great bike. I’ve crashed it a couple of times and it still works really well. I probably should give it another tune up, a new chain and some new bar tape since mines falling off again but other than that I am happy with it. I would recommend it to any one wanting an entry level road bike but not wanting to drop cash on a higher end model when they are only going to crash it anyway. The frame is lightweight and so are most of the components. I weighed it at 27.5 lbs with all of my gear on it, which isn’t too bad. I can keep up on most rides except for the crazy riders who average 24mph. Other then that its a comfortable bike to ride, others disagree but I think they probably don’t have the bike fitted correctly. This picture was taken before I crashed it. I have more pictures of my wounds but I’ll spare you all from those.

Anyhow, thats one of my bikes that I shove in my car. I’ll have to get around to posting my internal car bike mount some time. Stay Tuned!

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