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Trunk Mount Bike Rack
Trunk mounts, or boot mounts for our European counterparts are a great way to add a bike carrier to your car. They come in different shapes and sizes for different types of cars. Some are better than others. They are really good ways to transport your bike. They can detach, fold up easily and be mounted on different types of cars. If you have a biking partner you can attach some types to different types of cars meaning that your not always stuck driving. The cool thing about them too is that they can be removed from the car, meaning that if you don’t want it on your car because you have a special event to attend then just take it off.

If considering buying a trunk mount bike rack consider these points:

How many bikes the rack carries is an important factor. You do not want to have too much of a load on your trunk. Depending on your trunk, I would recommend a two bike carrier. If you need to carry more bikes, look for a roof mount or hitch mount rack from the different types of bike rack page.

How much does your paint job matter to you? Some bike racks mount on the trunk with clips and pads. These types can cause abrasion on your paint job making unsightly blemishes. If you have an older car, or a hatchback style car this won’t be a problem as you’ll probably be mounting your bike rack on the glass window. If your paint is important to you, look for a types of bike rack that mounts in a different location.

Sway. Anti sway is a nice feature to have in your bike rack. If the bikes sway while cornering you won’t be able to get to your location as fast which means less riding time. This can be a huge problem for mountain bikes as mountain roads tend to never be in a straight line. Look for a type of bike rack that reduces sway.

Ease of mounting. Mounting your bikes has to be easy. There is nothing worse than a great ride and not being able to easily lift your bikes onto the bike carrier. If you need one that is easier to mount, try the other types of bike rack.

Locking. Can you lock your bikes to your rack? On a road trip while transporting your bike this is especially important. As ease of mounting the rack is great, its also a great way for thieves to steal your precious hard earned bikes. They can be locked up with a chain, or wire but if the rack can be detached by cutting the mount in a few places I would suggest buying a different type of bike rack.

Storage. How easy is the bike rack to transport while not transporting bikes? This is very important. If it doesn’t fold up or easily come off your car then you may want to look at another rack. If you don’t mind it being attached to your car all the time then the more affordable types of bike rack may work.

Can you open your car while the rack is mounted? This isn’t so important for certain types of cars, but for sedans that the only way to get into the trunk is by the trunk lid then the bike rack may block this. If trunk access is important to you, consider the different types of bike rack.

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