Types of Bike Racks

Different Types of Bike Racks, Mounts, Hoists & Carriers.

There are so many types and brands of bike racks to choose from, all in different styles. I am going to name all of the different types that I can think of off of the top of my head. I’ll be writing about them each in detail with mine and other bikers experiences with each of these types of racks in the future. Go Ahead, bookmark this page so that you can easily get back here and see what I have to say about all of these different ways to mount your bike on your car, truck, SUV, in your garage, on your balcony, in your laundry room, in the basement.

Trunk Mount Bike Racks / Boot Mount

Roof Mount Bike Racks

Internal Vehicle Mount

Truck Mount
Trunk mount bike racks are a great way to transport your bike if you don’t have or want to buy a tow hitch or can’t afford one. They are good to move around to other cars as a lot will fit more than one bike model. Click the link to find out more information on trunk mount bike racks.

Front Mount

Bumper Mount

Hitch Mount
Every thing hitch mount related is posted here. A lot of people recommend this type of bike rack and for good reasons. They come in different types and vary in price. Check out the hitch mount bike racks section to find out more information about them.



Spare Tire Mount
This type of bike mount is basically a bike rack that mounts to your spare tire. Normally you will see these on Jeeps but every once in a while on another vehicle that has a spare tire. These are great types of bike racks that don’t touch any part of your car except your spare tire which is pretty good. They can support a good load (provided that your don’t have 500lb bikes). If you want a good rack and have a spare tire you can’t go wrong with these. The price is normally right too! You can pick them up off of eBay or dicks if making them isn’t your thing.
I’ve got some plans that I’ve drawn up to make your own spare tire mount bike rack but the thing is, I have to find some one with a spare tire that I can put this bike rack on if I actually make one. If any one is interested in these plans just drop me a comment or an e-mail some time and I’ll mail you the text I have.
Standalone Racks
Standalone bike racks can be considered any type of rack that is used on its own. Basically a freestanding bike rack or a rack that just sits on the ground. Generally standalone bike racks are not mounted to automobiles.

Curb Racks
I don’t have a category yet for curb racks but basically they are slabs of concrete with slots just the right size for wheels to fit in. These are called curb racks because some times they are lined up and form a curb and are generally found near curbs. They are easy to form your selfs but also can be purchased. You see these a lot in England. Especially in old school areas and around town. They do not always offer anything to secure your bike to.

Ceiling Mount

Stationary Mount

Stationary Rack

Wall Mount

These are the ones that I can think of, but I know there are more. There are also lots of types of hoists and racks and bike holders for repairs. These will be written about in detail. Also with all of the bikers I know we have a lot of knowledge about the best type of bike carriers from out own experiences. Some are better than others, others have different purposes. Some are bad, some really bad. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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