Vauxhall Corsa Bike Rack Demo

The Vauxhall Corsa has a bike rack built in. I wish more manufacturers of cars would include bike racks for use. If you purchased a car with a bike rack built in you wouldn’t have to make your own bike rack. Anyway here is a video of it in action:

The bike rack from a first review looks kind of neat. Looks like I could get some ideas for home made bike racks. After watching I though wow, this is held up by the crank. I thought to myself this is probably not the best of rack to attempt to build your self. Even if it was a hitch mount I don’t think that the crank mount would be very secure. Also, it might not fit all bikes. After watching a couple of more times I still think its pretty neat. I just think that it looks wobbly, not bad for something thats always on your car and quite handy to use. For my use it would probably be fine since I have an internal mount for my bike. I don’t know that I would use one in Europe where this car is available because they are outside of the vehicle. I wonder if the lights stop working after a while and how much it costs to fix them. Also, I was thinking how hard would it be to remove a bike off of this rack. It may be tempting for thieves to steal bikes off of these if they become used to seeing them. Anyway a home made bike mount will do for me. Its always conveniently located in the back of my car, ready to use when I need it just like the Vauxhall Corsas bike rack.

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