VW bike racks

VW Bike RacksI remember taking this picture quite well as it was a challenge to get both cars in the picture. I remember seing the bike rack behind me and trying to figure out how I could take the picture. As I looked in my side mirror I saw the cabriolet pass, and thought it would be awesome if I could get both in the picture.

I was quite excited to see a VW Cabriolet and a VW Golf, both of the VW’s with bike racks. The cabriolet had a hitch mount bike rack that you can’t see very well and the red VW golf obviously has the roof mount. If you are wondering what I’m talking about enlarge the picture and look in my mirror. I wish I was able to get individual pictures of both, but due to the bumper to bumper traffic, the light turning green and both cars being behind me this wasn’t really feasible. Either way, this is a unique one of a kind shot of two bike racks on VW’s.

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