VW Jetta Bike Rack

VW Jetta Bike RackI took this picture a while back when I was in Raleigh. It was taken at the mall although I do not remember which one. I really like Jetta’s but even tho I drive a cross over I don’t particularly like these wagons. The roof rack makes me take my eyes off of the back which may be a good thing. I don’t have any pictures of what the rack looks like from the front of the side since it was in a parking spot and I was wrangling around trying to find a decent spot. This particular model of the VW Jetta wagon was a TDI meaning that it got really good diesel mileage. You can fold the seats down in these for a internal bike mount or install a hitch and have a hitch mount. The roof racks are a little more work but allow you to store four bikes on top of the Jetta if you can get them up there. These cars are actually really nice for bikers, if you have four friends that do a lot of biking then a roof rack system for your VW Jetta is the way to go. I do think that these cars are great and that the roof rack looks way better on the wagon then it would on the four door sedan, but I havn’t seen the VW Jetta four door sedan with a bike rack on it yet. I really want to get another picture of a GTi or Rabbit with a bike rack system on them.

What do you all think about the looks of this rack?

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